Experienced altcoin developers agree that the most stressful, troublesome and time consuming part of creating a profitable altcoin is the hiring of the required personnel. Not only is it difficult to find “the right people,” but it also becomes a creative tug of war and quite frankly a nightmare to manage each of these individuals at the same time, which often leads to tasks not being completed, deadlines not being met and, in worst case scenarios, this in-fighting often leads to the demise of entire projects.

What if developers could skip this process entirely and still end up with a high quality, premium currency to list on a high volume exchange where they can convert their premine supply into hundreds of Bitcoins? Well, the KoinKartel allows you to skip several months of development time because we have already done the work for you. All of our currencies come as part of a ‘complete,’ readymade package. So there is no need for you to waste several weeks trying to come up with a concept, name or a promotional campaign – we have already done it for you, saving you months in planning, research and development time.



KoinKartel allows you to eliminate middlemen developers such as; programmers, graphic designers and marketing personnel yet still end up with your own, high quality, premium altcoin to list on the exchanges. The premade aspect of our altcoins and marketing materials completely eliminates the need for you to waste several weeks attempting to formulate a promotion strategy, we have already done the work for you.
Unique Altcoins
Our currencies are custom built from scratch, so: no more clone coins. Each of our altcoins have their own unique set of attributes.
Supply Management
Supply management services are provided to turn your altcoin into an asset not only for yourself, but for the exchange it’s listed on.
Concept Implementation
Premium branding, and concept implementation come prepackaged and ready to go, no need to hire a platoon of designers and coders.
Promotion is all in the branding. Each of our altcoins come complete with premium, high quality branding to set the market on fire.


There is a difference between an altcoin, and a 'successful' altcoin.


Whether you are new to the high profit world of Altcoin development or, an experienced veteran, the KoinKartel speeds up the development process because we have already done the hard work for you. Send us a message below to get your very own marketable, high quality, exchange worthy Altcoin and we'll manage the process of turning your premine into hundreds of bitcoins.